Getting Your Qatar ID Card: The Complete Guide (2024)

Qatar ID Card, also known as the Qatar Resident Permit or Qatar RP, is an important document you should familiarize yourself with if you intend to live and work in Qatar. The Qatar ID Card or QID serves as proof of your legal residency status in Qatar. QID is required for various activities such as opening a bank account, obtaining a driver’s license, and accessing government services. It contains essential information such as your name, date of birth, and visa details, making it crucial to always carry it with you. 

This blog will go through the significance of the Qatar ID, how to obtain one, and why having one is so important for living in Qatar. Having a Qatar ID is not only important for legal purposes but also for everyday life in Qatar. Without it, you may face difficulties accessing healthcare services, enrolling your children in schools, or renting a property. Additionally, the Qatar ID acts as a form of identification when dealing with authorities. QID can also help ensure smooth transactions and interactions in various situations. 

What is a Qatar ID card?

The State of Qatar issues the Qatar ID, an official identification card, to citizens and expats working in Qatar. Family members of an expat would obtain a QID if they are living in Qatar. It enables you to use various benefits and services in Qatar by acting as both a resident permit and a proof of identity.

Qatar ID, also known as the Qatar National ID Card, is an essential document for residents of Qatar. It serves as proof of identity and residency status. The Qatar ID contains important information such as the individual’s name, photo, date of birth, nationality, and Qatar ID number. It is required for various purposes, including opening bank accounts, accessing government services, and even for travel within the country. The Qatar ID is issued by the Ministry of Interior, and it is mandatory for all residents to have one. It plays a crucial role in ensuring security and facilitating various administrative processes in Qatar.

Having a Qatar ID proves that you are a resident of the country and that you are in compliance with all applicable immigration regulations. All residents are required to have one, and failing to do so could result in legal issues. Carrying your Qatar ID card is crucial to avoid any issues or complications in various situations. Your Qatar ID card serves as proof of your identity and residency status, making it necessary for accessing government services and benefits. It is important to keep it updated with current information.

Service Access

The service access of Qatar ID refers to the various services and benefits that residents can avail using their QID. These services include accessing government services, opening bank accounts, registering for utilities, applying for visas, and much more. The Qatar ID is a crucial document that grants residents access to a wide range of services and facilities in Qatar, including public utilities, healthcare, and education. The Qatari ID is required for registration and to access the services of the government and private institutions. It’s important to keep your Qatar ID card safe and up to date to ensure smooth access to these services.


Qatar ID Card serves as proof of identity and residency status for individuals working in the country. For local hires employers usually require candidates to have a valid QID to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations. The Qatar ID is used for various employment-related purposes, such as signing employment contracts, applying for work permits, and accessing employee benefits. It’s important to have a valid and up-to-date Qatar ID when seeking employment opportunities in Qatar.

However, issuing the document is part of the employment process for abroad candidates or employees. In this case, your employer will assist you in obtaining it.

Financial Transactions

When it comes to financial transactions in Qatar, Qatar ID Card is often required for identification purposes. Banks and financial institutions may ask for your Qatar ID when opening a bank account, applying for loans or credit cards, or conducting other financial transactions. The Qatar ID serves as a proof of identity and residency, helping to ensure the security and legitimacy of financial transactions. It’s important to keep your Qatar ID safe and readily available when engaging in financial activities.

Steps for obtaining a Qatar ID Card

Arrive in Qatar

To start the process, you’ll need to be physically present in Qatar as the Qatar ID card is issued to residents of the country.


You will need a sponsor to obtain a Qatar ID card, usually your employer, who will take care of your residency in Qatar. The sponsor will initiate the process on your behalf and provide the necessary support throughout. They will guide you through the steps and help you gather the required documents for the QID application to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) on your behalf.

Medical examination

The medical examination is a mandatory step in the process of obtaining your QID. You will need to visit an approved medical center in Qatar to undergo a general health check-up and screening for certain infectious diseases. The medical examination helps ensure the safety and well-being of residents in Qatar.


As soon as the medical examination is completed, you will have to visit the Ministry of Interior (MOI) for biometrics which includes fingerprints and photographs. This data is used to create your unique identification card. It’s a straightforward process that helps ensure the accuracy and security of your QID.

Labor contract

Once the biometrics is complete, your employer will issue the labor contract which will be attested by the Ministry of Labor (MOL).

Your labor contract is an essential document for obtaining a Qatar ID. It serves as proof of your employment and outlines the terms and conditions of your work in Qatar. You need to ensure that you have all required documents and supporting paperwork, based on the profession you will have in Qatar.

Waiting period

The waiting period for QID can vary. It typically takes a few weeks to process and receive the card. However, the exact duration may depend on various factors such as the workload of the authorities and any additional requirements or circumstances specific to your case.


The QID is an important identification card for residents in Qatar. It requires sponsorship, a medical examination, and the submission of necessary documents like the labor contract. The biometric data is collected during the application process. RCH PRO Services can assist with the QID process and provide various services related to residency and employment in Qatar. The Qatari ID it’s more than just a card. It helps you to establish a legal presence in Qatar and it’s your ticket to access a wide range of services.

If you have any inquiries about obtaining and renewing Qatari ID, consult with RCH, a professional PRO service provider. RCH can guide you through the process and ensure a smooth experience.