How long does it take to form a company?

From the moment our terms of engagement are signed and payment is received, along with the necessary documentation, you will have the company incorporated within approximately 15 working days.

Do I need to pay taxes in Qatar?

Currently, the corporate tax is 10% taxable on the foreign net profits of the company payable at the end of the financial year.

What is a Resident Permit?

A Resident Permit is a term for legal authorization that allows you to work and stay in the country. This is also known as a work permit/visa. A Resident Permit can be valid for 1 to 3 years and is renewable.

When can I obtain a Resident Permit in Qatar?

A residence or Work Permit can be obtained if you are employed by a company in Qatar or you have acquired a property in a special freehold area that entitles you to Qatari residency for the duration of the ownership.