Business Structuring and Formation

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world, and it can be a tremendous opportunity to establish a company here due to its fast-growing economy. In recent years, the country has developed enormously; tourism has become one of its assets, and the market is constantly evolving as well. The FIFA World Cup 2022 demonstrates the speed with which the country wants to expand and make itself known in the world.

There are multiple ways of establishing a company in Qatar as: 

  • Limited Liability Company;
  • Foreign Branch; 
  • Trade Representative Office;
  • General Partnership Company;
  • Limited Share Partnership Company;
  • Holding Company;
  • Public Shareholding Company;
  • Joint Venture.


RCH understands that obtaining necessary documents, licenses, approvals, or performing any changes can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. We have extensive experience navigating the complex regulations and requirements of various industries. That’s why we have a team of professionals who are dedicated to completing these tasks in the most efficient way possible:

  • Change Company Name
  • Change in Authorized Signatory
  • Company Documents renewal
  • Power of Attorney
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • QE onshore and offshore Gate Passes
  • Civil Defense license
  • Classification Certificate
  • Company bans removals
  • Baladiya Vehicle stickers approval
  • Sales promotion license for advertisement, etc.


Are you looking to invest in a company in Qatar? It is important to ensure that the transaction is carried out smoothly and legally. This involves coming to an agreement between the seller and buyer on the terms of the sale or purchase of shares, as well as preparing a Sales Contract that outlines these terms. Our team of PRO experts can help you take care of the entire process.

We will assist you with the entire process:

  • We prepare the Sales Contract (double-sided Document in Arabic language where will be mentioned: name of the seller, name of the buyer, the share amount; the sale amount, responsibilities for previous and new local company shares holder);
  • We will request a printout of your Capital Gains on the share you are selling;
  • Once the NOC from Ministry of Finance comes through, we will prepare the Sales Contract;
  • Once the contract is signed and approved by the Ministries, we will Modify the Articles of Association to reflect the sale;
  • We approve the Articles of Association by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and attest by the Ministry of Justice;
  • We will obtain new Commercial Registration;
  • We will obtain new Computer Card;
  • We update your Company Information in the Ministries;


When a company gets into trouble or wants to stop operating for any reason, liquidation might be one of the outcomes. The process by which a company is ended and its existence is terminated, not just stressful for a business owner, but also includes several important steps and our experts will make sure that they are completed in the most efficient way which will not turn against you in future. 

The process will be as following:

  • We review and prepare several documents for a liquidation;
  • We submit and follow up the documents with the Ministry of Finance;
  • We prepare required letters for the current sponsor (in English and Arabic);
  • We cancel the Resident Permit for the employees under the company sponsorship;
  • We then issue a clearance certificate from the Ministry of Interior to prove that there are no employees under the company;
  • We liquidate the Commercial Registration from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry;
  • We cancel the Municipality License;
  • We then return the Computer Card to the Main Immigration;
  • Close company Bank accounts and final approval on the company’s accounts;
  • In case there will be any kind of penalties from the Ministry of Finance, we will work with the Auditing company to prepare the letters for a submission to the Ministry of Finance office.

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