Why Do You need PRO Services in Qatar?

Starting your own business in Qatar or opening a shop in Doha might be ambitious and overwhelming choices. Conducting business abroad can be challenging if you don’t know the local laws and customs, especially if you’re moving your company or expanding your organization. Hence, the need for an end-to-end PRO service provider. Every company in Qatar, regardless of size, needs a trustworthy, devoted, and effective public relations officer who stays current with all new rules and regulations.

RCH is committed to providing distinctive professional solutions that will satisfy the demands of your business and complete the challenging tasks of official government paperwork and legal proceedings for you. No matter the scale of the project, get RCH support.

What are PRO Services?

In Qatar, companies employ the services of Public Relations Officers (PROs) or known as Mandoob, to handle all government interactions and paperwork. PROs are responsible to ensure your employees get their visas in time, that you have the required permits and certifications, and that all aspects of your business are in line with local governmental requirements and fully compliant with the local law. Outsourcing PRO services can be advantageous for both new and established companies, allowing them to concentrate on their core activities and increase production and profitability.

Instead of hiring your own internal PRO team, which would require a lot of overhead and would provide minimum support, you can employ the services of a consulting house such as ours and benefit from having access to multiple specialized PROs who can represent your interests simultaneously with multiple governmental bodies.

Officially accredited by the Ministry of Interior, RCH provide services on a monthly contractual basis or based on a per-job-done price list, depending on your needs.

Some of the ministries and departments where RCH can represent you:

What are PRO Responsibilities?

PRO responsibilities in Qatar include managing government-related tasks such as visa processing, document attestation, and obtaining necessary approvals. They help streamline administrative processes for businesses.

In general, a PRO is a government liaison officer, and their duties often include:

  • Handling visa applications for foreign workers, including renewals and cancellations, and coordinating with the immigration office.
  • Submitting applications for licenses.
  • Confirming that the business complies with the Qatar Commercial Companies law and Qatar Labor Law.
  • Keeping up to date with all laws and regulations from the government.
  • Completing the renewal of trading licenses and commercial registrations.

What skillset does a PRO have?

A PRO in Qatar typically possesses strong organizational and communication skills, as they need to coordinate with government departments and clients. They should have knowledge of local regulations and procedures, attention to detail, and the ability to handle paperwork efficiently. Additionally, proficiency in Arabic and English languages is beneficial for effective communication.

  • In-depth knowledge of, and experience with, dealing with local government departments.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Qatari corporate, immigration, labor, and other laws in practice.
  • Proficiency in Arabic and English writing and speaking, as well as the collecting and preparation of due diligence as required by local regulatory bodies.
  • Knowledge of government e-services.
  • Local driving license.

Qatar has experienced tremendous growth, making regular changes to the legal and economic systems for business normal. It is necessary for a corporate enterprise or an individual entrepreneur to deal with numerous governmental departments. RCH PRO services can help you through all the requirements concerning these authorities.