End of Service Gratuity in Qatar

In Qatar, one of the perks of the employees is the End of Service Gratuity (EoSG). It is a financial benefit for employees in Qatar upon the termination or end of their employment. The Qatar Labor Law mandates this essential benefit as significantly influences how financially secure employees are after leaving a job in Qatar.

What is End of Service Gratuity?

End of Service Gratuity is a legal benefit that offer employees in Qatar upon termination of their employment contract.

According to the length of the employee’s employment contract, this benefit is to provide financial compensation for the time the person has worked for their employer in Qatar.

Calculation of the End of Service Gratuity

The calculation of the end-of-service gratuity is based on several factors. This includes the length of service and the employee’s basic salary. The basic salary used to calculate the gratuity does not include allowances or any other additional benefits.

The length of service of the employee and the terms mentioned in the employment contract are two elements that are taken into account when calculating the EoSG.

The following factors will take into consideration to determine the gratuity amount in accordance with Qatari Labor Law:

Basic Salary

One of the main considerations in the calculation of the End of Service Gratuity is the employee’s basic wage.

For each year of employment, a certain amount of the basic salary is allocated as EoSG.

Length of Employment

The amount of the gratuity is based on how many years the employee has worked for the employer.

Years of Service

The gratuity amount increases with the length of service.

Employment Contract Terms

The terms mentioned in the employment contract (for example notice period or reasons for termination) can change the gratuity calculation of the EoSG.


Employees must have completed a minimum of one year of continuous service with the same employer.

The significance of End of Service Gratuity

The End of Service Gratuity is a significant benefit for the employees. It is considered a financial safety when they make the transition to retirement or new employment.

On the other hand, it is a benefit for the employers, as the EoSG encourages the staff to remain dedicated to their jobs. This is because they know their efforts recognize at the end of their employment.


End of Service Benefit in Qatar

Overall, the end-of-service gratuity in Qatar is an essential benefit that provides employees with financial security and recognition for their service. It serves as a form of appreciation from employers. It is also encourages employees to commit their skills and expertise to their workplace.

The EoSG in Qatar is an important aspect of employment in Qatar, as it offers employees financial security.

It is essential to understand the calculation of the EoSG and the criteria for being eligible to receive the amount at the end of the employment contract.

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