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Why do you need PRO services?

Relocating to Qatar can be a complicated task, especially when it comes to handling the legal procedures. Without proper knowledge of a country’s law, the entire process, from requirements to documentation, can become an endless series of paperwork and communications with various government sectors. This is where your need PRO services from RCH or widely known as Mandoob Services.

With our expertise in relocation-related procedures, we ensure a smooth transition for employees moving to Qatar. From visa applications to work permits and residency requirements, RCH handles the entire procedure with ease. Our PRO will prepare and submit all necessary documents on time so that employees can start their new job with peace of mind knowing that we will take care of everything.

RCH can assist you with following PRO services (Mandoob Services):

Immigration Documentation

It is important to have all the paperwork in order for immigration purposes, otherwise processing any document could cause a delay or rejection. Our expert agents will handle the required documentation with utmost care to assure fast single attempt approvals.


Any certificate will require for processing and paperwork, but it is much more important to testify to each filed document correctly. The procedure requires zero time and effort with RCH’s assistance.


As Qatar has a zero-tolerance attitude for people with criminal backgrounds, extensive police verification, in the way of a Police Clearance Certificate obtained from the CID, is frequently a part of the transaction process. Contact us if you require the guidance or are outside Qatar and unable to receive the document on your own.


We can assist you with processing your visa and passing all steps of obtaining a residential permit efficiently within a short period of time.


Our committed team will support you with all kinds of government paperwork to make sure that everything is according to the country law and you will not face any difficulties with official verification.


A Notary Agreement is a legal document which is frequently in need for many transactions. Our legal professional partners will help you with stress-free document processing for a reasonable price.


Embassy certification is in need for entry into any country, which is highly essential. A smooth transition into the workforce can only occur when admission let by the foreign governing authority. RCH Support Services’ assistance will accelerate the process.


With the cooperation of the whole team, we can process all your company’s and individual  labor department transactions within a very short time frame.


If you are relocating to Qatar with your loved ones, there are multiple specific requirements which you have to fit and regulations to be followed. Contact us for complete information and preparation of your file, to reunite with your family at the shortest.


Every worker or his dependent relocating to Qatar must go through a medical examination and biometrics as one of the requirements for obtaining the Residence Permit. The RCH staff manages everything with meticulous accuracy, including scheduling a consultation date, handling test results and assisting with CID.


For an expat lady who is under father’s or spouse’s sponsorship to work legally, a work permit / labor card must be issued by the government. We can guide you through the process and prepare all required documents for a hassle free labor card issuance.


Due to the numerous paperwork requirements and processing restrictions, hiring a maid is not an easy procedure. Therefore, it is preferable for a specialized organization like us to handle the entire process.


Qatar has a separate set of standards for a driver’s license, which are changing and updating on a regular basis. RCH works in conjunction with the Traffic Department and well-known Driving Schools to provide quick and simple new vehicle registrations.


Apart from situations for a profession change where there have been promotions or internal transfers, some processes such as obtaining a driving license or sponsoring your family members, require specific job titles in Qatar. In case your work-related documents need to be processed, we are ready to take care of it.

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