Creative Communication Group, Setting up the Stage

Find out how we helped CCG obtain sponsorship


CCG was founded in 1998 as a full-service event management and production company. Through the years, Creative Communication Group has expanded tremendously to serve all aspects of the entertainment business in the Gulf region and the Middle East.


CCG was a pioneer in showcasing world-class theatrical productions in the GCC with the complete knowledge of the creative, emotional, and sensual experience, where it led the way into bringing the legend-likes of Luciano Pavarotti and José Carreras. Since 2015, Creative Communication Group has had the largest equipment inventory in the region.


Such kind of business activities has their own specifics in the Middle East that must be taken into consideration. From having to deal with the immigration activities of multinational staff to make sure they have the right approvals to bring in equipment, their business needs are complex and time-consuming.


While CCG plan, produce, manage and execute all types of events, we at RCH provide support for their entire team, to ensure nothing distracts them from providing unforgettable experiences to the public.

Governmental Relations Services:

  1. Quota submission and approval.
  2. Issuance of Work Visas, Family Resident Visas, and extensions for these as needed.
  3. Issuance of Resident Permits and Family Resident Permits, alongside their extensions and renewals, in order to prevent penalties.
  4. Generation and attestation of employment contracts and personal documents. More than 15 attestations, to date, secured on generated contracts and their dependencies.
  5. Assistance with renewal of company documentation on an annual basis (trade license and commercial registration).
  6. Helped them renew their Company Registration.
  7. Renewal of Vehicle Advertisment Permits.

The right sponsorship:

Due to the reliability of our services, CCG decided to partner with us and come under our sponsorship. We’re proud to welcome them to the family, and look forward towards continuing to set up the stage for them so they can focus on setting up the real stages for the world’s top performers.



As CCG never invests in less than top quality equipment and individuals for their clients, they never accept less than outstanding services provided to them. Our priority will always be, to make sure we surpass their expectations.

“The best part about my job is learning about our clients and their activities. It’s like a window into various industries. By far, one of the most exciting clients I have is CCG, and I love playing a small role in helping them entertain the GCC.”

– Veronika Maklakova, CCG’s Account Manager at RCH


“To help business leaders and corporations manage their relationship with government, so they can focus on what matters.”