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Find out how we helped AGS get set up in Qatar

AGS Relocations is a pioneer in the mobility and relocation industry, with an established network of 148 locations covering 97 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. AGS is a first-hand innovator for local, national and international moving services, for both individuals and businesses, to and from anywhere in the world.


The AGS Group established an office in Doha to support their Middle Eastern network and provide the best relocation services across the whole Middle Eastern region.

Alongside being one of the largest networks in the mobility industry, AGS is also experienced in the expatriation process, specializing in providing a smooth relocation experience for people and their families. Immigration paperwork can be complicated in Qatar, particularly obtaining visas from another country. It requires specialized industry knowledge. AGS seeks RCH’s advice to foresee any issues that may arise in recruiting employees to travel and work in Qatar. It is important for them to know whether sponsorship will be required, and the impact this will have on their employees and the legality of their company.

RCH’s business relationship with AGS enables them to continue smooth and efficient operations.


Immigration and Recruitment

  1. Quota submissions and approvals.
  2. Issuance of Work Visas.
  3. Processing Change of Sponsorships Applications (over 10 to date).
  4. Issuance of Resident Permits, alongside their extensions and renewals (over 15 to date).
  5. Generation and attestation of employment contracts and personal documents (over 15 to date).
  6. Assistance with renewal of company documentation on an annual basis (trade license, commercial registration, and establishment card).


  • We work with customers only when we are certain we can meet their specific needs, upholding the highest standards of quality and turn-around time.
  • We make sure to finalize all legal formalities accurately to ensure the smooth operation of our clients.
  • We pay attention to detail. In a dynamic, fast-paced environment, we must provide up-to-date information on updates to legislation, regulations, and ministerial procedures.
  • We understand the critical importance of turn-around time. After quality of service, our highest priority is to deliver on your expectations faster than anticipated.

Working with RCH is both easy and comfortable, nothing seems to be too much of a request. Whether the request is large or small, RCH treats the request with the importance and the priority that we believe it deserves.
We really do value the business relationship we have with RCH.
Mr. Ashley Luff
General Manager


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